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New Project Manager for Liyoyelo
Mr Maketo agrees to become the new Project Manager for the Liyoyelo Project

Eric Hardie

Friends in unexpected places
Thank you to Eric, Rick, Ryan and the other members of the Hardie family

Goodbye from Samir and Raphaela
Samir and Raphaela leave Liyoyelo for Lusaka

the Litunga's luggage is loaded onto the

Kuomboka Festival
Kuomboka - one of the largest and most famous festivals in Zambia

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We offer a home, a family and a future to children and elderly who have lost their providers.

Like many other countries in southern Africa, Zambia is in the grip of an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Existing networks of support, based on the extended family, are breaking down under the pressure of HIV/AIDS. Children who lose their parents are traditionally cared for within the extended family but AIDS takes its toll here too.

Many children simply have no family left. Others have relatives who are just too poor to look after another child.

Some children have grandparents struggling to look after them, but often this is a burden the elderly simply cannot carry anymore.

Often forgotten, the elderly are caught in the same cycle their adult children die, and their remaining relatives (if they have any) are not in a position to care for them. Too many elderly end up destitute, alone and in desperate need of care.

It is in response to this complex crisis that Liyoyelo is taking action.

Liyoyelo Community Trust/Liyoyelo Project, Plot 2, Waterplant Road, Limulunga, Zambia

Tel: 00260 979 439 700 Email: liyoyelo@gmail.com